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5 Power Washing Techniques To Master in Milwaukee, WI

5 Power Washing Techniques To Master in Milwaukee, WI

In looking to get a better clean home, one thing that you may want to consider is the use of a power washer - it takes a washer and pushes it out with tremendous pressure, and is powerful enough to get a lot of your home exterior looking as clean as can be.

One of the most important things that you should do, however, before you even think of plugging it in for the first time is getting to know the power washer -- getting it started without knowing what you are doing can cause quite a bit of damage to your home and possibly even you!

Let's now look at five power washing techniques to master in Milwaukee, WI

1. Know The Difference Between The Tips

One of the things that you should know about power washing is that your power washer is going to come with the same set of tips that every power washer comes with, and they're all color coded the same to avoid confusion.

The green tip, for example, is the most commonly used tip - it has just the right degree of spray to allow the cleaning of your home.

The red tip, on the other hand, is considerably more narrow in terms of the spray -- and you have to be particularly careful when you're using it because it can be quite intense indeed, cutting through some more sensitive surfaces (which is usually not what you want to do!)

The idea is that you have to learn about what all of the different tips do and how to best use them for the task that you have at hand.

There are some things that you're going to be able to wash better with the green tip, and others that are better washed with the red tip -- and other tips in between!

2. Learn To Adjust The Pressure

One of the issues that some people have when they get their pressure or power washer is that they don't realize that there's more than one setting to it, and so they just turn it on, aim the water and go for it.

This is not a good idea, however, as there is quite a range of power that you can turn your washer to be, starting from weakest to strongest -- not to say that even the weakest setting is really that weak as it is still more powerful than a garden hose.

Take care to check what setting you have the power washer on -- it's always better to start off with less pressure and to increase it than to have it set too high and to then regret having had it set so high.

3. There Are Safe Distances To Wash

When it comes to washing your home, you should be aware that if you get too close to the surface that you are cleaning, it will be like washing the surface with a higher pressure -- and depending on how close you are, you may be so close that you could actually cause damage to the surface you're trying to wash.

Unless you're certain of the safety of the distance from the thing you're washing, it's better to start off at a greater distance and then approach making sure you're not causing damage to the thing you're washing.

Of course, using a tip that is less powerful and using a less strong setting on the washer can also help to keep your surfaces safe while you wash them.

4. Not All Soap Is Equal

In the washing of your surfaces, you may come across some that require some soap to help you in the process.

What you should know about this is that you won't' be able to use just any soap to clean the surfaces.

Indeed, there are soaps that are specifically made to be used when you are using a power washer, and they are the only ones that should be used to safely clean your home.

Once you have properly cleaned the surface, you'll be able to rinse it off without soap to get the soap off.

5. Some Things Can't Be Washed (With The Power Washer)

Lastly, you should realize that there are indeed some things that you should not try to clean with a power washer as can be evidenced by numerous online videos documenting power washing fails.

One example of this is, for the most part, the roof on your house -- there are few cases in which it is okay for you to clean your roof with a power washer and many cases in which it is absolutely not.

To be clear, there are some ways to do it -- but it's a lot easier to cause a lot of damage to your roof by doing so and so it's better to make the time to use other methods to clean the roof.

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